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The Playbook to Becoming the Bank

Not Your Traditional Way of Building Wealth


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Welcome to the Private Bankers Community!

This community is for those who are tired of being financially abused by the world's system and want to develop living in debt and depending on the worlds made for Private Bankers and aspiring Private Bankers to have a safe space for learning and going over case studies. We will show you how to renew your mind and adopt the Banker's Mindset being that this is the first step to Private Banking. Every week we will be doing a case study to show you all the different ways to use Private Banking and how it can apply in your life. There will also be high levels of accountability to ensure we are doing what we need to do to become financially free and leave a legacy behind.

In the elite group, every 3 months you will get one 45 minutes personal call to go over your personal situation as it pertains to Private Banking and finances. We can do your personal case study or give you a game plan monthly to reach your goals.


The Community



Live classes every Monday and Thursday